A little goes along way! Great for all skin types, helps with Acne, Age Spots, Sun Spots, Black heads, White Heads, removes deadskin cells & minimizes scaring. One of our main ingredients that we use is Kukui Oil. Kukui Oil is great for eczema, rosacea & dry skin. This antioxidant-rich oil helps to boost collagen production,stimulates deadskin cell sloughing to make room for healthy new ones. Lets just say this is a Powerhouse against wrinkles and premature signs of aging. It is also know for healing wounds and protecting from possible infection. Can you see why we use Kukui Oil as just one of the many benefical ingredients!?


Pairs well with: Face Serum, Face Nourishing Oil, Tea Tree Face Cream, Rose Face Cream


How to use: Apply to freshly washed skin and use a gentle circular motion. Rinse with warm water and blot with a towel. Follow up with Face Serum & Face Nourishing Oil. 

This is Step 1A in our face care line...what is a 1A mean?  Use it after step 1, 1x a week or as you feel needed


Ingredients: Coconut oil, Kukui oil, Goldenseal, Willow bark, Tepezcoquite, Oatmeal,Tea Tree EO, Vitamins C, D & E, Fine Grated Walnuts 4 oz

Walnut Face Scrub