Our honey comes straight from the tap...Literally!  We use the FlowHive bee boxes which are easy on our backs for honey harvesting.   We have been asked many times what type of honey do we sell?  Is it clover? Is it blackberry? Is it lavender?....well we choose to say its natures best!  Although the girls are parked right in front of our lavender fields they are busy all around Parwell Farms.  Depending on the season they could be pollinating our lavender, maple trees, blackberries or just plain ol' wildflowers to name a few. There is a plethora of blooms for them to choose from.   We are able to harvest between pollen runs which results in a different  variety of taste from each jar. 

Not only does it taste good; but honey has lots of benefits.  Look them up sometime!  DO NOT FEED TO INFANTS