Don't judge a book by the cover!  This may not be packaged in a pretty little brown glass jar with designer gold lettering, and a  fancy little dropper cap ( and a huge price tag to match BTW) Our newest addition to our beneficial face care line is out doing all those pricey designer serums that are loaded with chemicals!  When we tested out our serum we noticed the following:  Reduced fine lines, reduced skin pigmentation,  smoothed out wrinkles, gets rid of dark spots, helps prevent acne, reduces pores, brightens up your skin, tones skin, reduces scars and redness, closes and minimizes pores.  Oh and more money left in the wallet!!  That's a good thing!  


Benefits of Seaweed on your skin:  From cleansing to toning, moisturizing to repairing, seaweed has earned some serious kudos in the skincare world. And for good reason!  The ocean’s plants are able to survive extreme conditions and often adapt to changing environments, giving them potent powers to be harnessed for renewing the look of skin.  It’s this resilience and restorative ability that make seaweed and marine extracts so valuable for your skin.  Did you know that seaweed  has a natural ability to regenerate itself at a rate of up to two feet a day in prime growth seasons? Yep, true story, this is what makes it a powerful compound for skin renewal.  Seaweed bathes your skin in moisture and calms sensitivities as well.  It helps to prevent damage to amino acids and protects the cell’s membranes. Because it reinforces the cell membranes it successively  protects against free radical attacks, which by the way accelerate ageing. Seaweed can also ‘re-organize’ the cell membrane structure to reverse cell damage and restore them to their healthy state.  Seaweed, I think we can say is the ultimate skin rescuer!  

Benefits of GoldenSeal on the skin:  natural acne remedy,  used to treat skin ulcers, rashes, abrasions, swelling or inflammation. It is gentle on the skin, and effectively treats acne with no side effects. This herb treats skin disorders such as: eczema, itching, herpes, blisters and sores. it also has an all natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in it that  can be used to treat most open wounds.  Sounds golden to us, right?!! 


Pairs well with:  Botox in a Bar, Acne Soap, Walnut Face Scrub & Face Nourishing Oil


This is Step 2 in our face care line


Directions: Apply Face Serum on freshly cleansed face Morning and Night.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, GoldenSeal, Seaweed Extract, Willow Bark,Vitamin E

2 oz

Face Serum