When I was younger I always wanted to run through the lavender fields of France... naked....soaking up the intoxicating smell and letting the oils absorb all over my skin as I ran through the fields. Sadly I've never made it to those fields. So 6 years ago we planted our own fields at our farm...however fifty pounds and years later I've decided that running through the fields naked is probably not a good idea! (there's too many bee's on them! duh..) Display them in a galvanized bucket, ironstone pitcher or just lay them on the table, either way they say French Farmhouse! These Lavender Bunches have been harvested with care (and clothes on). Enjoy their dried beauty and gentle fragrance. Aprx 75-100 stems NOTE: PICTURES ARE OF THE LAVENDER FRESHLY PICKED. THIS ITEM WILL BE DRIED LAVENDER ONLY. Hidcote Giant or Royal Velvet varieties. Please note that they are very FRAGILE especially during the shipping !! Some buds may fall off during shipment. But thats okay, now you can use those extra that might have fell off to make a batch of lemonaide, cookies or to sprinkle in your carpet!

Dried Lavender Bunches