About Parwell Farms

We get a lot of questions of 'what's up with the rabbit thing?' or 'Parwell? That's not your last name.' So here's the story...My maiden name is Harwell and my family originated from Harwell, England.  Our family crest has 3 hares on it.  My married name is Parsons.  I asked my husband when we were first married what their family crest was and he had no idea.  We couldn't find one either!  So I told him it should be a bee skep because every Parsons I knew in his family were industrious and hard workers, like a bee.   With the blend of both names and family crests we created Parwell Farms.  We live on 6.5 acres in the beautiful little hamlet of Vader Washington (formerly known as Little Falls).  We are Lavender Farmers, Beekeepers, Soap Makers, Event Planners and Wood-turners! (among other things!)

   I have a background in clothing retail and specialize in design and merchandising.  I have a passion and desire to make all things feel and look beautiful, inside and outside of the home. I have always been told that I can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.   When customers come to our pop up shop I want them to walk in and have that  'Calgon take me away' feeling. Upon leaving I want them to feel like they have been given a gift. Whether it just be from being enlightened about our products we make and sell or from the beautiful shopping bags we put their purchases in! (no ugly plastic bags here!) 

   Mike is 6'3" and 300#'s give or take... contrary to popular belief he's a softy, he just looks burly. If anyone has ever seen him around our grandchildren you can see his burly turn to butter.  He is  truly that Jack of all trades kinda guy. He can do anything when he puts his mind to it. He has a background in the medical field, entertainment industry and construction.  He is best known however as the 'Entrepreneur'.  He has taken his entertainment skills and created Black Tie LLC.  His hobbies are wood turning and working on classic cars. You can find a lot of those hobbies in our shop...Custom farmhouse tables, Candle sticks, shelving and of course Penelope our '51 chevy.  Mike is always by my side (or maybe I should say I'm by his) in our Parwell Farms endeavours.  

I have 2 all time favorite quotes: 

'In the Spring at the end of the day you should smell like dirt'.

'To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world'.